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Unique Integrated Supply Chain

Supply Chain Overview

In common with all HansenGroup businesses, we can supply products and services from our unique integrated 3 stream supply chain model.

All partner suppliers are selected based on the quality of their products and services. They are then carefully vetted and assessed to ensure that they are suitable partners under the following criteria:
• strength of the existing relationship
• technical capability and reputation
• design capability and innovation record
• size and market position
• management style
• financial status

The supply chain performance is continuously monitored and fed back to our partners, ensuring the achievement of long-term quality objectives.

The choice of suppliers required for products or services will vary dependent on the specific needs of each project. Products and services that may need to be sourced include design, technical advice, testing, site installation, plus physical materials fabrication. Often, products and services may need to be sourced from more than one of the streams, in a coordinated and precise way.

Being able to build a tailored supply model for each project allows us to source virtually any product or service, and not to be constrained by capacity limitations.

Our Fabrication and Service Streams

1. Local In-house Supply
Many of our HansenGroup businesses have their own focused fabricating and service units that employ small teams, often with high skills and experience, to deliver one or more specialised products or services.

2. Group In-house Supply
As well as localised fabricating units, HansenGroup has also developed super-fabrication plants to supply high-quality products to any of its businesses around Europe. These units offer technical centres and manufacturing economies of scale.

3. External Trusted/Licensed Supply
HansenGroup has developed strong relationships with excellent suppliers of products and services. These suppliers may be licensed by HansenGroup to manufacture its products, or they may be trusted suppliers that will supply their products and services. In some cases, HansenGroup has exclusive supply arrangements in some geographical markets. Individual HansenGroup businesses will have specially trained teams that will be able to specify and use the products correctly.